Hello! My name is John Frazier. I am an artist living in New York City and spend most of my time involved in creative projects of one sort or another.

Dynamic graphic design for web or print and SEO friendly, cross-browser compliant front end web development, including html email development, are my areas of vocational expertise, but my skills are rounded out by an ability to create in other media including illustration, video, and music. I appreciate your taking the time to visit my site and hope you like what you see.

Please get in touch if you're interested in working together or have any questions.

Graphic Design

Arts and Entertainment

Any Old Iron
Tour of a Thousand Cuts
An Evening with Lady Luck
The Forget-Me-Not Cabinet
The Queen Anne's Revenge Tour
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
How the Grinch Stole Christmans
Madison Square Garden

Multi-panel CD packaging layouts are excellent examples of full range design projects. From concept to execution to the final printed product, they present a steady stream of challenges to overcome. Requiring versatility and nuance with large amounts of typography, precise and clever layouts, and a good deal of heavy photoshop work, all the creative muscles are being exercised in tandem. Poster art is fun, promotional, and specific with dramatic typography and eye-catching imagery. Advertisements, by and large, speak to a broader audience and beacuse of this oftentimes with a more conservative voice; though to what degree is, of course, determined by each client.

Service and Accommodation

Anthology Film Archives and Patio Bar
Bryant Park Grill and Sequoia Restaurants
Between the Bread
Bubble Lounge
Gotham Hall
Harry's Loft
Manhattan Steamboat Company
PSoho 323

Logos, at their best, capture the essence and tell the story of the company they represent. Simple, strong, direct, and versatile, they set the tone by which all other principle aesthetic elements should adhere. Illustrations, on the other hand, are near direct expressions of the imagination, percolating up from the unconscious to tell their story in a more fantastical and dreamlike manner. Please note that in addition to these work samples, hard copy multi-page newsletters, brochures, and magazines can be made available upon request.

Logos and Illustrations

New York City Commission to the United Nations
Hope Real Estate Solutions
TLC Pet Sitting
Titus Fitness
The Harvest Group
Sing We Enchanted
CMJ Magazine: Jazz Radio (cover), John Coltrane, Elvis Presley, Sharon Osbourne, The Beastie Boys, My Bloody Valentine

Web Development

Crescent Wings Farm

Crescent Wings Farm

html5, css, javascript, design
The Street

The Street

html, css, jsp, javascript, xml, sql, svn

Working as a front end developer at The Street, I was exposed to a wide variety of code and its implementation. From SEO friendly HTML and cross-browser compliant CSS to YUI and jQuery javaScript libraries, SQL database entries, and Doubleclick ad delivery systems. The environment was JavaServer Pages deployed to Apache Tomcat SVN. The other sites here are much smaller and simpler, relying primarily on HTML and CSS with some minor javaScript.

Dirty Laundry: Loads of Prose

Dirty Laundry: Loads of Prose

html5, css, javascript, design
Emily Rubin

Emily Rubin - Author

html, css, design

Flash Animation

Oh, Flash... I was an early fan, but quickly soured on your ubiquitous frenzy of distracting and unnecessary movement full of unsearchable content. Alas, you are part of my history and so a footnote here you shall have. None of the work I did at Grey Global Direct and Digital is here, nor is the original incarnation of this very website (which remains my personal favorite experience with the beleaguered animation software), so these few examples must and will suffice.

Video Editing

Not Waving But Drowning

Thanks a Lot, Lancelot

Not Waving But Drowning

Sleep Before I Wake

Whether original footage or archival public domain sources, editing video is streaming rhythmic pictographic storytelling. These examples are all from my music projects, as well.

John Frazier and the 8 Year Olds

Gina's Secret

John Frazier and the 8 Year Olds

Life of the Party